Beauté Défilé /bo’te’le/

My beauty runway. I have always obsessed over fashion and runway shows as well as beauty and skincare. I combined the two concepts with ‘Beauté Défilé’ to offer you an editorial spin on all things beauty, and specifically self-care. I started my skincare journey first via my Instagram account, where I share my daily beauty routines as well as first impressions and small reviews. I’ve felt the need to share more with you and so I thought creating this website would be the perfect platform!

My skin type is acne-prone, oily all over, constantly dehydrated with acne scarring. My approach is to address my issues by maintaining a healthy skin barrier while mildly exfoliating dead skin cells in order to prevent break-outs and scarring. Overall, I like keeping things simple. The products I use on my skin, including makeup, are all drying alcohol-free, fragrance-free, and essential oil free.

I hope you can find some valuable information, inspiration, and tips here. Follow me @christina.kassi so you don’t miss any of my night routines!

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