Balmain Paris Hair Couture Review

What is it?

Balmain does hair, yes! Can I just say from the get go, I am 1000% impressed by the line? I just love everything I’ve tried and everything seems like it’s made with a lot of thought, precision, and a lot of amazing ingredients.

The revitalizing shampoo is something made of dreams to be honest. Infused with Vitamins E, F and P, this gentle cleanser repairs and strengthens from the root for softer, healthier and more manageable locks.

Τhe conditioner is equally dreamy and very nourishing, it is enriched with Cashmere and Silk extracts to smooth hair without weighing it down. Organic Argan Oil deeply nourishes, while Vitamins E, F and P strengthen, protect and repair.

The mask is a very dense, buttery consistency and it’s very spreadable, you don’t need to much to cover and saturate the hair which is such a plus with this luxurious product. It is rich in fatty acids, Vitamin F keeps the scalp healthy, Vitamin E protects tresses from within, while fortifying Vitamin P repairs from the root.

How do you use it? What are the results?

I could use the shampoo and conditioner every time I washed my hair! They’re the perfect balance of cleansing and hydrating in a way that doesn’t weigh down the hair or strip it. I cannot describe the feeling I get when I use the shampoo. It’s this immersive experience where you feel like your hair turns into literal silk. I have never had any other shampoo do this. I only use it on my scalp. Then I get the conditioner and use it mid-lengths to ends and I truly get that much needed slip, almost makes the hair feel like seaweed for lack of a better word! That’s my ideal consistency-haha!! The mask goes on super buttery and feels dense, but when you rinse it off it again leaves the hair feel cushiony. Did I mention it smells like cashmere and silk? Because it does. The whole line smells like the signature Silk perfume from Balmain, and it’s fresh, airy, and sits so close to the skin. It’s so perfect. I really loved the way my hair dried every time I used this trio. No frizz, so soft to the touch, manageable, and well defined but tamed waves. A dream!

Would I repurchase?

Honestly, I think these are my current all-time favorite hair cleansing products. I would purchase again and again. For the quality and results they most definitely are worth the price tag which I actually find VERY reasonable, lower than Oribe which is my other hair care favorite brand. I’d say if you want to try luxury hair care, start here ’cause it doesn’t get much better.

The products were gifted to me by the brand. This post is not affiliated with Balmain Hair Couture. All opinions are my own.