Beauty Storage

My precious treasures! There’s a lot of them and I have to keep them in one place and organized. I keep most of them on this shelving unit I got from IKEA in white. It has glass shelves and looks very chic in my bedroom. I store all my perfumes, candles, magazines, jewelry and oils on this unit.

For my perfumes I like to use trinket trays I find at Home Goods. They make the best decor and keep things in sections and organized looking.

For my jewelry I have this cute tree hanger that I found at Target years ago, but they still sell them around.

I found these cute acrylic organizers on Amazon. They have small compartments and larger drawers so I store a lot of my tubes, mists, and scrubs in here. At the top I have this multi-compartment container that stores my nail polishes, deodorants, and nail care items.

My favorite corner where I keep my everyday skincare and makeup is all stored in these acrylic organizers by the Original Beauty Box. These are so well made but also delicate and elegant. I have the deluxe set for all my essentials and I absolutely love how it can keep everything in one place but also nicely separated.

This combination palette holder from the original beauty box keeps all my palettes and highlighters together! It’s so convenient so I don’t have to dig through my drawers anymore to reach for my favorite palette, and it enables me to create more eye looks everyday cause I see them all and can grab them easily. It comes with a detachable top compartment for lipsticks, that way they can all sit nice and pretty!!

This is meant to be a lipgloss holder but I use it for my eye products like eye pencils, eye liners, and mascaras as well as my lip products like lip pencils and my Laura Mercier velour matte lipsticks.

This acrylic box with a lid I use for all my brushes! I hate when brushes get dusty or dirty, so I like to keep them all enclosed in this cute box I found at Home Goods.

Also found at Home Goods, this cute acrylic tray that’s super simple and holds my everyday lotions and potions and mists!

Another little tray from Home Goods that holds all my hand creams, foot creams, and some lip balms and masks that I want to try out! It’s like a little catch all tray for skincare!