Skincare Review – Bioderma Sensibio H20

Overall: This micellar cleanser is my go to. I am never without it. What I use everyday is the 500ml bottle with the pump. I also have the travel-size version (pictured) for traveling (obviously). I don’t think I could live without this (?!).

How: In the AM this is my first cleanse and only cleanse. I use a few pumps on my Shiseido cotton pads and wipe down the debris on my face that’s accumulated overnight. In the PM I use this as a third cleanse after my second cleanser. Again I use a bit of the product on a cotton pad and wipe down my face. There is always residue of make-up or dirt, especially around my hairline, close to my ears, behind my ears and on my neck. I want to make sure I take all the bronzer off, ya know?

Packaging: Best Price: $16.90 | Rating: 5/5