Growing out an awkward lob

In April 2016 I decided to get my hair cut into a bob. I think it was heavily influenced by all the YouTube beauty gurus around that time as everyone and their mom had a long bob (lob, ugh!). I cut my hair in an A-line shape which means it was shorter in the back of my neck and longer in the front of my face. Although I looked cute and I really liked how the shorter hair framed my face, I just hated not having my long hair. Short hair is actually way harder to manage and maintain. You have to spend the time to style it to look put together, while long hair you can just throw up in a chic messy pony or bun and you can be ready and out of the house. I decided I wanted to grow my hair out, so in August 2016 I had to cut my hair again to correct the asymmetrical A-line. The length at that point ended up being right above my collarbone. Today, sixteen months later, my hair is right below my chest area. I’ve gotten a lot of questions and request on Instagram to share tips and tricks on a haircare routine!

Hair Growth

Treatments. I would do a weekly mask with black castor oil and coconut oil. Castor oil is a great oil to help with hair growth whether it’s for your head, brows or lashes. I’ve stopped now because my hair is much longer but in the beginning, I would do the oil masks once a week by massaging the oil in my scalp, and letting it sit for a few hours, then proceeding with washing my hair. This mask really helped generate hair growth. The other treatment that has helped with maintaining my length and shine is the Olaplex No3 treatment. This treatment is specifically formulated to perfect the bonds of the hairs and prevent split ends. It really fortifies the hair with a lot of strength so that when you are styling it or processing it in any way it’s much more resilient.

My Hair Length 2017

Tools. Something else that has really helped has been my brush, I have a Mason Pearson handy brush with mixed bristles and that’s the only thing I use to brush my hair. I brush my hair right before I wash it. I never brush or comb my hair when it’s wet. When hair is wet it is in its most fragile state and it can break so easily. Let your hair dry or blow dry it first then brush it if you need to. I don’t even need to brush my hair after I air dry it. This has helped to prevent my hair from breaking and tearing on the ends. Also, I can’t live without my Aquis hair turban and I always sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase. I get my pillowcases from Amazon, but I’ve been wanting to try the SLIP one!

Tips. If you don’t wash your hair often, you will see a great improvement in your hair’s health! I can go without a hair wash when my hair is not styled with any products for about five days. I know it sounds gross but it’s really what kept my hair really shiny and healthy this whole time. Washing your hair every day or even every other day is drying your hair out and it’s not letting the natural oils of your scalp move through the hair and coat it. Those oils help the hair be strong and stay in your actual head. Something else that really helps has been my diet. I have written in a previous post how I do not eat red meat and how the majority of my diet is plant-based. Getting all those vitamins from all my veggies, has been really important for my hair. Also, probiotics such as sauerkraut, kombucha, and supplements have helped me more than biotin ever would.

Hair Care Routine

Washing. I start with a hair mask, if possible, if not I will start with brushing my dirty hair to get all the tangles and loose hairs out. Then I will jump in the shower and shampoo with Oribe Signature Shampoo. I make sure I wash it two to three times or until the entirety of my scalp is free of product or oil residue. I only concentrate the shampoo on my scalp never on my ends. I massage the product in the scalp, rinse and then repeat probably two or three times in four different sections. After that, I apply Oribe Signature Conditioner on the very ends of my hair and then tie it up in a bun and leave it alone while I wash my body and shave etc. Once I’m out of the shower, I use my Aquis hair turban which is specifically created for long hair and the material is super luxe and soft. I really love how quick it dries my hair and it leaves the hair soft and shiny compared to using any other towel or turban.

Styling. I use the Oribe Creme for style right after I take my turban off. I take a little bit of the cream and run it through the mid-lengths of my hair till the ends. Then I will put it in a low pony and sleek the top of my head and secure it with a silicone hairband. Then I let it air dry! The next morning my hair will be dry and I will usually style it either with a curling iron or with a hairbrush straightener. Before I use any heating element I make sure to spray my hair with heat protectant. The one I love right now is this styling spray by Leonor Greyl and it leaves the hair super soft while it protects it from heat-styling products. The other heat protectant I like is the Oribe foundation mist, which is a primer and heat protectant.

After I’ve brushed through with my straightener brush, I usually use a 1 1/2 inch curling iron to add a bend to my hair. This gives it shine and texture and I always avoid focusing the heat on the ends of my hair. When I’m done styling my hair with my curling iron I will use the Oribe Gold Lust hair oil through the ends of my hair and I will kind of smack together the palms of my hands with the ends of my hair to create a more defined look. If I want extra shine or texture I will use a spray from Oribe. When I want my hair a little bit more wavy I will use the Apres Beach and if I want a little bit more definition I use the Superfine Hairspray. For additional shine, I like the Soft Lacquer hairspray. For the days that I have a little bit more oils running through my hair, I use the Bumble and Bumble pret-a-powder as well as their new dry shampoo spray. Those are the most effective dry shampoos I’ve tried to this day!


Last August my hair was right at the nape of my neck and I can’t believe how much it has grown! It is right below my chest area! It has been such a weird journey. I’ve felt the stress of my hair being unmanageable or just plain wrong. I straight up was unhappy with my whole being especially in that awkward stage between the lob and the longer length. I can never have a short hair again. I have nothing against any of you who have shorter hair, and I love seeing various hair lengths on women. Don’t get me wrong! It’s just not for me. I can’t believe how it has affected my confidence and how I felt about myself sometimes. I can say shorter hair affected me more than my acne because my hair has been such a big part of who I am since I was very little. I really hope you find some of my tips helpful and insightful.


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