Leonor Greyl Bain TS Shampooing, Creme Regeneratrice Conditioner, and Masque a L’Orchidee

What is it?

Leonor Greyl is a luxury french haircare line that has recently gotten more and more of the spotlight. I always admired the beautiful white packaging and the goldest gold of their hair oil. Everything seems so decadent. I finally got the chance to try some of their products. Here’s a breakdown according to Leonor Greyl:

Leonor Greyl Bain TS Shampooing Balancing Shampoo features an advanced dual-action formula that removes follicle-clogging impurities from your scalp without stripping essential moisture from the hair. Formulated with naturally astringent sage extract, this clarifying shampoo absorbs excess sebum to improve volume. A reparative blend of wheat protein and carrot extract hydrate, strengthen and fortify for radiant, healthy-looking tresses. 

Leonor Greyl Creme Regeneratrice Conditioner hydrates, nourishes and revitalizes dull, over-processed tresses as it rebalances their delicate pH levels. With its nutrient-rich formula, this moisturizing conditioner preserves and enhances artificial color while seaweed and chamomile extracts soothe easily irritated scalps. Wheat protein mends and strengthens to prevent frizz and split-ends for hair that is healthy, soft and radiant.

Leonor Greyl Masque a L’Orchidee Nourishing Mask hydrates, conditions and smooths parched, unruly tresses with a nourishing botanical formula. Enriched with orchid flower extract, this hydrating hair mask helps to prevent moisture loss and repairs frayed cuticle layers. Jojoba oil, rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, delivers a non-greasy shine while protecting hair from environmental damage. 

All their formulas are sulfate, silicone, and coal-tar free.

How do you use it? What are the results?

The balancing shampoo really gets rid of any oils from the hair so I won’t be using it often. So far I’ve used it on days when it’s incredibly humid weather, and it’s worked great. It lathers nicely, but it does leave the hair feeling squeaky clean, yet not stripped. The conditioner and mask really help balance out the cleansing from the shampoo to add back moisture and some oils to the ends of the hairs. I really love how lightweight all the formulas are. The conditioner is not thick at all, and you have to use quite a bit of it to get that nice slip. The mask is much thicker and buttery, and I quite love the way it feels so airy in the hair. The fragrances in each product are unique, the shampoo smells like mandarins, the conditioner smells like jasmine, and the mask smells like beautiful floral. I really dig the packaging for all these products. It’s very minimalistic but still feels luxurious. The quality and formulation of these products is very impressive overall.

Would I repurchase?

I honestly find these quite pricey, which can be attributed to the technology and selection of ingredients, but I still feel like they are not the best selection of products for my hair specifically. I think I wouldn’t go out for a refill of these, but I would definitely try other products from the line ’cause I really like how they use unique ingredients! I believe the shampoo would be extremely pleasant to those of you with hair that gets oily within a day or two. Because I can hold off quite well on my oils, I think this might be too stripping for me. You know when you thought your scalp is oily, but it’s actually quite normal? That’s me! I wouldn’t have realized that if I hadn’t tried this product though.

These products were gifted to me by Leonor Greyl. This post is not affiliated with the brand and it is my own opinion.