My Skin Journey

Beauté Défilé is my personal beauty runway. Before my passion for beauty and skincare, I was obsessed with fashion and runway shows. I would spend hours upon hours studying the silhouettes of all the designers, upcoming and legendary. In my early 20s, my adult acne took over my life, and I slowly began exploring the beauty and skincare world.

My obsession began with beauty because my immediate reaction was to “cover-up” my acne in the best way possible. I experimented with foundation, concealers, powders, primers, everything there is out there to help perfect the skin. I’ve been a VIB rouge since the program launched because I would buy so much makeup every week. But my skin wasn’t getting better and looked rough and bumpy under all the make-up.

The compulsion to perfect my skin, lead me to believe I needed professional help. I was put on antibiotics, the pill, natural supplements, isotretinoin, prescription creams, and topical ointments but I refused to go on accutane. Nothing worked. This year I decided I wanted to find a way to be ok with my skin, embrace myself how I come, and stop “covering-up”. I wanted to feel better and share my journey with others who may feel the same way. I decided I needed to address my skin issues first from the inside, and then also from the outside.

I started an instagram account, and although at first it was beauty focused, I clearly realized my passion for skincare, and the skincare routines began! Months later, and I’ve made many wonderful friends who struggle with their own self-esteem and self-control over their skin. I am happy with my skin now, because I know it will never be perfect. I can make it look perfect when I need to, but I don’t need to, which makes me so ecstatic.

I still get a few cystic spots around that time of the month and I have some scarring, but it’s ok. What matters to me now is feeling and being healthy! I’ve learned so much through my journey these past nine months. I want to share with you all my do’s and don’ts that I’ve been practicing and that have worked for me. In upcoming posts I will talk specifically about products that fall within these categories that have worked for me!

Diet Skincare and Make-up
  1. No cow’s byproducts
  2. No red meat (includes cow, pork, lamb, etc.)
  3. No refined sugars
  4. No liquor
  5. Yes to goat cheese and feta cheese
  6. Yes to fermented foods like sauerkraut
  7. Yes to apple cider vinegar everyday
  8. Yes to lots of water
  9. Yes to turmeric and ginger tea
  10. Yes to lean, organic meats like chicken and turkey (but not everyday)
  11. Yes to probiotics daily
  1. No fragrance (fragrance has alcohol in it)
  2. No alcohol (alcohol, alcohol denat., etc.)
  3. No essential oils (like lavender, rosemary, bergamot, and the list goes on)
  4. I avoid heavy butters like shea butter and heavy occlusive oils like coconut oil
  5. No abrasive physical exfoliants
  6. No over exfoliation
  7. No to harsh surfactants and sulfates
  8. Yes to chemical exfoliants
  9. Yes to retinoids or retinol
  10. Yes to double cleansing
  11. Yes to hydrating and then moisturizing
  12. Yes to niacinamide and vitamin c daily
  13. Yes to SPF (I prefer a mineral or a hybrid)