The Faux Tan Edit

I’ve been meaning to gather all my favorite faux tanners for you all and do a break down of exactly what I like to use and for what. I’ve tried quite a few this past 8 months and I can confidently say, I’ve got the tanning game down to a tee. Let’s dive in!

Prepare your body

First thing I do before I apply tanner is to exfoliate. I like to use the Juara invigorating coffee scrub or my trusty Sashawashi exfoliating mitt with a regular body wash. For the smoothest result when I shave my legs I use the coffee scrub. When I don’t need to shave I just use my mitt, like I do every time I shower. The Juara scrub smells delicious, like fresh ground espresso, and it also lathers up to cleanse the skin.


Choose your tan

There’s two types of tanners I prefer to use. Mousse or water! They both serve their own purpose. I like to go really dark or as deep as possible so all the shades I choose are always Medium/Dark or just straight up Dark. The deepest tan I’ve ever experienced has been with St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse in Dark. It makes me look at least 5 shades darker, but it smells intensly like tanner when it develops so be prepared. It also has a strong guide, so it will come off in sheets and clothes if you don’t rinse properly. I usually apply the mousse straight out of the shower after I’m dry, and then I rinse it off the next morning with just water. My current favorite is the Luna Bronze tanning mousse in Eclipse. It provides such a deep, natural tan! I’m obsessed with how long lasting it is too. Still got it on after two weeks of applying and it fades nicely, no patchiness or weird spots. The other tanner I’ve loved is the Isle of Paradise mousse in Dark. This one has the most natural look, it uses color pigments to counteract redness to ensure you don’t end up orange under any circumstances. Out of the bunch, the Isle of Paradise smells like tanner the LEAST. Seriously impressed with these products.

For a more subtle tan that looks like you’ve been sun-kissed I prefer the ease of a tanning water. My go-tos are the Tan-Luxe The Water and the Isle of Paradise self-tanning water. They’re both incredibly easy to apply. The Tan-Luxe gives me a little bit of a deeper finish, it never streaks, it smells amazing, and it looks damn good on my vanity. The Isle of Paradise water provides a nice tan that’s not as deep and it smells equally lovely. Doesn’t develop orange in the slightest and it lasts a good amount too.


Prolong the tan

In order to prolong the tan and avoid any streaks or patches, or just plain fading, I love to use these products. The Bioderma Photoderm spray is very subtle and adds a glow. Super easy to use and will prolong any tan or can be used alone on clean skin. The Luna Bronze tanning moisturizer is a gradual tan that can be used to prolong the tan and intensify it as it fades. The Tan-Luxe instant hero is an amazing glowing color that can be used to perfect the legs or arms for one night. I love using this when I want to wear a nice dress and need that extra oomph added.


More options because why not

Let’s say you don’t like gradual tanners. Sometimes I just like to use my regular body lotion. I love Kiehls creme de corps for example. All I have to do is add a few drops of Tan-Luxe the body or Isle of Paradise self tanning drops and I can get my own custom tanning moisturizer! I actually love this method for the winter time because it gives me a subtle glow without it being too much or noticeable. However it can be used to give the body that extra boost to keep the tan going longer. The Isle of Paradise drops can also be used on the face if you want to add them to your face moisturizer. For my face I like to use the Le Labo face bronzer. It’s amazing to mix in with my Elta MD AM therapy and just touch up some spots with concealer and be done with my base. It wears so nice on the skin and gives the most natural tint of color.



In order to get the most natural, streak-free tan I like to use these two tools. The Loving Tan deluxe mitt that’s made of velour fabric and will NEVER smear or streak or patch a product. It is amazing. The other thing I like to use is the Loving Tan easy to reach applicator to apply tanner on my back without help from anyone cause I like being an independent woman.

I’m traveling to Greece soon for vacation and to visit my friends and family and I’m already considering which tanner to pack with me. I still haven’t decided because it’s so hard to choose amongst these amazing products. Follow my instagram to stay tuned on what I pack for my travels. Happy tanning!